Army West Point Black Knights Tickets

West Point Black Knights tickets

Army West Point Black Knights Football Tickets

The Army West Point Black Knights are marching into an incredible season of exciting home games at Michie Stadium. This outdoor facility located at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point will bring incredible football action to fans of the Black and Gold with plays that will leave you glued to your seat. You’ll be thrilled by the powerful defense crushing most rushes and passes that try to gain ground on their home turf. You’ll cheer for the offense that breaks through the defensive line to charge up the field. Every point will make Black Knights fans roar and you could be there for every minute of the game. If you love amazing football and want to support Army West Point, then make sure you don’t miss out on the best chance to order tickets for your favorite team.

Mel Kiper Jr of ESPN once said that “There is nothing like being at Michie Stadium on the banks of the Hudson River with the leaves changing during the third weekend in October. The scenery is incredible. And how about the inspiration is drawn from being at such a historic landmark? You see the statues of MacArthur, Patton, and Eisenhower. Then on game day morning, you have the pleasure of witnessing the Cadet Parade…That is an unbelievable moment.” If you want to experience football surrounded by history and gorgeous sights, then it’s not too late. Because fans may already be rushing their ticket sellers for one of the 38,000 seats available, but you can have first dibs on the best seats in the house if you order through this website. Don’t let game-day morning pass you by without you being at ground zero to catch all the action!

Home games at Michie Stadium aren’t just about seeing incredible football, it’s an experience. If you love football or want to cheer on Army West Point, then now’s the time to act!

West Point Black Knights

The Knights to Know in 2019

2019 has brought out some great players and surprise hits for the West Point Black Knights. Many of the players will surely be fan favorites expected to return to the program in force in the 2020 season. Sportswriters are already making predictions on which players will be the ones to watch out for in future seasons and fans hotly contest these choices. But here are our picks for the Knights to Know in 2019 and beyond.

Kelvin Hopkins (Senior QB)

Though he won’t be returning for a future season, no list of great Army players this year is complete without mentioning Hopkins. His performance on the field has made him one of the 34 players on the watch list for the College Football Performance Awards National Performer of the Year Trophy at the start of the season as well as being a candidate for the Walter Camp Award. He was also billed as a potential selection for the Maxwell Award for the best all-around player as decided by a select panel and the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award. The skill and leadership that Hopkins showed and continues to demonstrate make him a shoo-in for Draft selection if he plans to go that route as well as a popular player who will be missed when he leaves Army. He is a major factor as to why the Black Knights have excelled offensively giving attack options that Army fans haven’t experienced in years.

Cole Christiansen (Senior LB)

After spending time behind James Nachtigal, Christiansen is ready to step out of the shadows and claim a name for himself. He joins the long list of successful Army linebackers providing a solid wall that opponents struggle to get past. At the start of the season he hasn’t been on any watch lists, but he has earned a spot on Phil Steele’s 2019 Preseason Independent First Team. He made big defensive plays last season and has been a reliable force this season as well. This is also why he’s the captain of the roster.

Peyton Reeder (Junior OL)

Peyton was set to take a vacated center position held by Bryce Holland, an excellent center who set a high bar for the team. But Reeder had the experience on the offensive line and the tenacity to fill the role. His skill and focus also earned him a place on the watch list for the Rimington Trophy, which is awarded to the best center in college football. We expect that he’ll fill Holland’s role and excel in his remaining seasons with the team and will prove how much value he adds to the Knights.

Kell Walker (Senior RB)

Kell Walker makes this list because of his skills as a running back and receiver. He’s part of the triple-option attack that the Army now boasts and is used by the team when fast yards are needed up the sides. But Walker isn’t a one-trick pony, as he shows his versatility and match awareness every time he’s on the field. He can be relied upon to move the football and fight for first downs anytime the ball is in his hands. He’s also made Phil Steele’s 2019 Preseason Independent First Team. Sportswriters expect head coach Jeff Monken to use him in most of their offensive plays and it’s easy to see why.

Who do you think is the player to watch and who will you be sorry to see leave at the end of the season?

michie stadium West Point Black Knights

One of the Biggest Rivalry Game in College Football

The Army Black Knights of USMA has a long-standing rivalry against the Navy Midshipmen of USNA as both teams represent their service’s oldest officer commissioning sources. The game embodies the spirit of interservice rivalry in the US Armed Forces and marks the end of the college football regular season. The game is one of the most enduring traditions in football to date and is frequently attended by sitting US Presidents as well as being televised each year since 1945 on ABC, CBS, or NBC, with CBS taking televising duties since 1996 with rights to broadcast the game through 2028. The game was played once at Michie Stadium in 1943 during World War II but has not appeared there since. The reason is that the stadium, while grand for all regular-season home games, is simply not large enough to handle the crowds that come to cheer on both teams and see how the rivalry ends in any specific year.

But looking at the current rivalry statistics shows that while Navy has the most lopsided victory and longest win streak, the Black Knights are currently enjoying a winning streak since 2016. If the current roster has anything to say about it, Army will add another year to their streak in 2019.